Crypto Investments


Make Sure You Avoid These Investment Mistakes The No. 1 mistake we see investors make is falling in love with a single deal and betting too much on that one cryptocurrency No matter how promising it seems at the time, there is always a risk of that one currency failing. .

You want to build a portfolio of at least 5 to 10 quality crypto to give yourself a good chance of getting a big exit event. When you're investing in crypto worth $1000 to $5000 each, it takes only one big win for the overall portfolio to pay off. We have invested in more than 10 crypto deals. And we expect around only 6 of them to pay off significantly.

You have to become comfortable with the fact that some crypto will fail - no matter how promising they may seem. It takes a little while for most people to get used to this.

You also have to go into crypto investments knowing that you'll be holding for months.

For the most part, these investments are not for sell at any time, you have to wait for good time.

In terms of cryptocurrency, the big mistakes are all emotional

You have to go in with a very disciplined approach. .

Here are our tips for success.

• Invest only a small portion of your overall portfolio in crypto

• Buy when price is low

• Expect to hold for months

• Don't invest money you can't afford to lose