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Bitcoin trading, bitcoin price, bitcoin exchange!

We provide a safe and secure Metatrader4 platform to buy and sell Bitcoin.

It\'s that easy!

- If you do not have a trading account with us, fill out the registration form at:

- Open an account, fund your account, and finally, get the bonus. .

Clients are eligible to receive a 100% bonus on any deposited amount during the promotional period, which begins at 00:01 GMT + 3 on December 1st 2013 and finishes at 23:59 GMT + 3 on December 31st.

The maximum amount of bonus issued per client during this promotional period cannot exceed 50, 000 EUR.

It can take up to 24 hours for the 100% bonus to be added on the clients trading ac .

If you are interesting in Bonus program, please contact us at any time for assistance via E-mail at
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