Foreign Exchange Clearing House. To download and install Meta Trader, there are just 6 simple steps to follow:

Download and launch MetaTrader 4

As soon as the program is installed, you will be offered to open an account during the first launch.

For further registration, please complete the form.

Select the deposit amount.

Click the "Next" button.

Then you will receive your Account number (Login) and a password..

As Forex Swiss We would like to offer you a FREE trial of our FXCH platform. Try trading on a simulated account on live streaming prices, exactly like trading on a live account, except that your simulated account can be reset if you want to restart your trading strategies. To receive your free Demo Account, you should complete the Demo Registration Form and make sure that all of the fields are filled. After you submit an application you will get demo account with: $2000 FXCH online trading software is designed to facilitate trading and managing multiple accounts from a single login window. Trading managers can trade each sub-account separately, or pre-configure the number of lots that each account will be allocated from a block trade. The back office is fully automated for each sub-account and can be viewed individually online by each of the trading manager's clients.
FXCH's Demo System is a critical element in its educational effort to insure that clients have access to state of the art technology and accurate market information. The Demo System is intended to give clients a live feeling for trading in terms of execution speed and platform versatility and response.
Welcome to the exclusive world of Spot (Cash) currency trading. Now for the first time you can earn profits like the major money center banks, large financial institutions and multinational corporations. This software allows investors to trade and manage a demo account in real time over the internet.

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