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On a proud note, we are pleased to inform you that our company is one of the fastest growing companies that specialize in the spot foreign exchange market. After achieving success in Europe, we have expanded our association to a variety of institutions ranging from Latin America to Asia. Our expansion has been a great experience for all parties involved, and we are sure you will feel no differently. In short, doing business with our company will allow you to take advantage of large worldwide movements and implant your seeds in the financial capital of the world.

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Regulatory Oversight

The Company is registered as Foreign Exchange Clearing House in Commonwealth of Dominica in January 2004.

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Registration Number

The Company's registration number is 9126, and authorized to deal in Spot Foreign Exchange market and derivatives (CFDs) of commodities.

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Foreign Exchange Clearing House is authorized to solicit clients and accept orders to buy or sell approved financial instruments as well as accept money or other assets from customers to support such orders.

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Safe and Secure

According to regulations we maintain a Surety bond for clients protection against possible customer complaints and claims toward us.

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Our staff

Our staff are selected according to strict criteria and have to respect a codex of honor in conducting their business.

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Regulatory Standards

We fully compliant with the regulatory standards of the financial authorities and aforementioned directives and is subject to all applicable financial regulations.

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Years of Experience

Our Team


Through our long 15 year history in Foreign Exchange market as traders, brokers and managers or servicing the professional institutional market we applying business philosophy that allows us to focus on facilitating our customers’ orders.

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As a registered Foreign Exchange Clearing House with thousands of clients in more than 100 countries and a turnover of billions of dollars per month, FXCH is one of the most respected Forex firms in the industry.

Foreign Exchange Clearing House

Foreign Exchange Clearing House associates include professional dealers, money managers and market analysts, whose sole purpose is to create a convenient business environment for their clients..

Extensive experience

Because we do not compete against customer orders, conflicts of interest are avoided. With extensive experience in the capital markets, and an academic background in the fields of Economics, Finance and Management, our professionals have a mature understanding of foreign exchange.

Financial strength

Due to Foreign Exchange Clearing House size and financial strength, its name is well recognized in the foreign exchange market. Our name and reputation will give you the edge you need.