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Never saw this coming...A new Forbes report shows that while China is the undisputed king of bitcoin mining...

One has been called "the next hot thing in cryptocurrencies.".

Clinton and Trump Team Up on Crypto? Both Trump's White House and Bill Clinton are very interested in a making the U.S. No. 1 in mining a newer and much faster-growing crypto.

It's clear they think bitcoin and ethereum will eventually be overtaken by the new cryptos coming up.

China’s Bitcoin Dominance Is Worrying Trump’s White House

And that's why we wanted to name you the three cryptos we believe will raise fastest

Bitoin, Etherium, Litecoin

And just remember, with the Trump White House diving in, there's a real chance crypto could go on another big run coming up..

And that's why we wanted to send you our presentation on the three cryptos I believe will rise fastest.

One has been called "the next hot thing in cryptocurrencies."

The second completed the first-ever "lightning transfer" by sending money from San Francisco to Zurich in a fraction of a second.

And the third, the most explosive of the three, could go up 100-fold and still be considered cheap. .