You might be asking yourself, "What types of businesses can take advantage of the Forex IB program?" In reality, any individual or organization that has (or has the means to obtain) the proper contacts can become a successful Introducing Broker. To give you an idea, we have provided below just some examples of businesses and individuals that can establish a successful Forex brokerage business :

Businesses that are good candidates to become Introducing Brokers -
Independent investment adviser or financial planner
Insurance companies or brokers
Stock or futures brokerage company or investment advisory firm
Successful stock, futures, options or currency traders
Successful Forex traders that want to become money managers
Popular financial websites
High-traffic websites
Asset management firms
Money managers
Hedge funds
Trading rooms
Advertising firms
Presidents or owners of investment or trading clubs
Organizers of financial seminars
Well-known investment professors
Real estate or mortgage firms
Trusted salesperson with affluent client base
Companies with large client bases
Personal adviser for influential people (actors, sports stars, executives, etc.)
Influential people with large contact bases
Attorneys, accountants and other business professionals with wealthy clients

We are looking for qualified businesses and individuals throughout the world that want to take advantage of the rapid growth of the Forex market via an introducing broker relationship. The business can be in any countries. In fact, there are many countries throughout the world where the demand for foreign exchange is huge.
Broker-Dealer Set up

Establish your brand in the Forex Brokerage industry. Our Forex White Label program is for individuals and institutions that want to establish a brand name and a presence in the Forex industry. As a white label partner, you will be provided with a platform (MT4) with your brand or logo as well as content for your introducing broker website. You will also enjoy our award-winning technology, no dealing desk, full service back office support, and other administrative and support functions.
Ideal candidates for the Forex white label program include: Companies offering Forex tools and advisory services - This can be websites or newsletters that provide an analysis of the Forex or futures market, advisory businesses, etc. that want to expand their web presence by offering online Forex trading capabilities to their existing client base.
Financial services firms that want to move their Forex trading operation online quickly and cost effectively or establish a new Forex brokerage division; for example, banks, insurance companies, stock or futures brokerage firms, etc.
Running your own Forex broker business (no licensing/registration required).

Our Forex introducing broker program is a great opportunity for both individuals and organizations to receive compensation (commissions or rebates) for introducing their customers or contacts to the Forex market.

Introducing Broker Partnership

The FXCH Introducing Broker Program enables individuals or firms to receive compensation for directing new clients to FXCH. We can help Introducing Brokers formulate, nurture and grow their business in ways most of our competitors cannot. Our professional insights and supportive approach lets our Introducing Brokers know they are part of a winning team committed to their success. Introducing Brokers can be individuals (like investment advisers) or companies that prefer to concentrate mainly on the sales and marketing aspect of financial business and prefer to leave actual market trading to the customer's discretion or a third party.

Customized Compensation Package: FXCH provides its IBs with very competitive compensation packages and will customize a package to fit your unique brand of business. By partnering with FXCH, IBs can earn revenue the first month. We assist introducing brokers in setting up optimum dealing arrangements. IB agreements vary from simple introducing arrangements, to full Introducing Broker status. For further details, please contact us:

A Forex IB (introducing broker) business can be structured in many different ways. It depends on the existing or potential client base of an individual or company. If you are thinking about setting up a Forex broker business through our IB program and want more information, fill out our IB form by clicking here to get started or read our step-by-step IB guide. If you want to expand your business by offering your clients Forex trading or managed Forex services, becoming an IB will make this possible. See below.

Back Office Support
The Introducing Brokers will be provided with extensive back office services. These services include: customer statements, pip and dollar commission reporting, volume and IB commission reporting, automated reporting of leads generated, and more.

Customized Forex White Label Introducing Brokers that qualify can be provided with a customized Forex white label platform, joint marketing initiatives, sales support, content for their Forex brokerage website, online commission and account reporting, and more.

Managed Forex Accounts In the last few years, more and more affluent investors have turned to alternative investments that are not tied to poorly performing stock markets. If your client base includes wealthier investors that would like to diversify into professionally managed Forex accounts with above-average returns, you can benefit greatly by introducing these accounts to your clients. Your compensation will include a percentage of the manager's performance fee, which can be a substantial addition to your business cash flow. If you are interested in offering managed Forex services to your clients, please complete our IB form to discuss things further.


Help and Advice on Getting your Forex IB business to Succeed
It is in our best interest that you establish a successful introducing brokerage business. Given the extensive marketing, Forex, and trading experience of our staff, we can discuss with you the best ways to get your business up and running. This may include, but is not limited to, training for your staff, advice in setting up your website, suggestions on increasing your account closing rate, ways to leverage off your existing business, and how to provide excellent service to your customers.
Advantages of Becoming an Introducing Broker
Right now there are few opportunities that offer individual and institutional entrepreneurs more advantages than the foreign exchange introducing brokerage business. With the weakening of the U.S. Dollar, even American investors have become interested in the currency markets. This has created a huge opportunity for aggressive individuals and companies that want to offer their customers the ability to trade currencies online and/or diversify into professionally managed accounts. Here are just some of the advantages of becoming and introducing broker or IB:

Can give your customers access to leading online Forex trading platforms.
Forex IB's are paid based on the trading volume of their clients.
Can maximize their time by having their time-consuming back office issues handled for them for free.
Can diversify into the Forex trading business which is growing at a phenomenal pace and can earn potentially large cash flows while providing their clients with an excellent value-added service.
Can leverage off their existing customer base or relationships and help their business grow.
Can take advantage of the huge growth in demand for alternative investments by offering their high-net worth clients our excellent managed Forex account services.
Easy to get started.
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The Franchise partnership program is designed for legal entities looking to enter the sphere of online trading. This is a serious business, and not every entrepreneur will dare to start alone. This is why we are willing to help you secure success.
This program is meant for you if:
You dream of having your own business but don't know where to start;
You are ready to make small investments, both initially and periodically thereafter.
$5 000 SETUP FEE and just $5000 monthly SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE FEE.
All profits are yours.