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Forex-Swiss. Assuring client fund safety is one of the single most important factors in the financial industry. In addition to years of experience managing risk and a strong balance sheet, FXCH offers legal and structural guarantees as to the safety of your deposited funds.

Client funds held with Foreign Exchange Clearing House Ltd ("FXCH") are maintained in separate Customer Funds accounts and may never be utilized for operating expenses or for other purposes or commingled with FXCH's operating capital.

Client funds held with FXCH are maintained in separate accounts at triple A rated financial institutions for the sole purpose of the clients' trading activity and are never commingled with operating capital of the company. Withdrawals from these bank accounts occur only as a direct result of clients' trading activities or an authorized request for withdrawal.

Forex swiss. Wire transfer instructions to fund your FXCH account with very well known solid European Bank will be sent to you via email.

Processing time for our Bank deposit/withdrawal: 24 hours, we guarantee it!.

Processing time for EgoPay, Payeer, LiqPay, OKpay, GlobePay, Perfect Money, Netteler, Skrill deposits/withdrawal: during 1 hour, we guarantee it!

As soon as transfer is made, please notify us by E-mail:

Processing fees: Our bank withdrawal fee is 40 usd, we do not charge any fees and it is not responsible for any fees charged by processing banks which usually range between $15 and $30 depending on commissions charged by correspondent banks. Please contact your bank for more info.

Deposit via
VISA/Master credit/debit card payment
Send or exchange money in 5 minutes, very fast bank deposit/withdrawal method next day money in,
they accept bank wire transfer, credit cards, e-currencies etc.
Our Payeer Account No.P13280771

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Account Number: U2152717

Click here for deposit Funds to your account with:
Credit cards
Bank transfers

Deposit via
VISA/Master credit/debit card payment
Our Skrill member email is
Be sure to indicate in the "Comment" field on the transfer your name, to avoid any delays in allocating your funds.

Deposit via
VISA/Master credit/debit card payment

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